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Edgar Marte

Massage Therapy

 Edgar Marte has 12 years of experience in the massage therapy field. His commitment to helping others is what gives him is drive. With over 900 hours of education his specialties include: Deep tissue massage, Neuromuscular massage, Sports massage, PNF Stretching technique and ART (Active Release Technique). 

During his career he has worked with many top-level athletes and has helped many of them either maintain a pain free body or recover from injuries. He believes that there is a huge power of healing by touch. 

“The body has the power to heal itself, I’m just here to assist.” 

Edgar chose Fort Freedom because he immediately realized that this is not a business, it is a passion. A passion to help those that have given so much for us. He would like to do his part and give back and show his appreciation to those brave men and women. Edgar feels that as a society we are failing our soldiers and their families. Fort Freedom is going to change that, and it will be a huge honor to be part of that change. 

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