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Sophie Frabotta

Spiritual Coach, Mentor

and Guide

 Sophie Frabotta is the founder of Awaken, a lifestyle brand that offers transformation through Coaching, Meditation, Energy Awareness, Crystal Education and now Certifying Spiritual Life Coaches. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Author, and Spiritual Entrepreneur who infuses consciousness into every project she works with. 

She became passionate about this life changing path after she healed from anxiety, bulimia, and depression all of which resulted in a seventy-pound weight loss + total life transformation. Sophie is known for the gift of understanding what is going on inside of people, helps remove unseen energetic blocks by guiding you to heal the deeper root cause. This frees up new space so you can then reprogram for excellence. 

Sophie is so honored to be a part of Fort Freedom's initiative of helping veterans walk out of their internal darkness and move towards the light, the truth of their being. Fort Freedom so closely aligns with Sophie's mission, that it feels like the perfect fit. 

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