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Jon Stanton

Posture Therapy

 Jon Stanton, owner of Improve Your Movement, is a corrective exercise specialist with over 14 years of experience helping clients improve their movement and reduce pain. After years of practicing Kung Fu in his early 20's, he injured his knee and sought out different methods to heal his injuries. After the success of his own recovery process, Jon became very interested in using what he learned to help others. He received certifications in personal training, corrective exercise, and postural alignment therapies. He lives with his wife & son in Jupiter, FL. He enjoys spending time with his family & playing golf. 


Jon is excited for the opportunity to partner with Fort Freedom. He believes wholeheartedly that improving the physical well-being of the veterans is an important aspect to the multi-faceted approach they receive within the program. He's seen many clients who have hit a roadblock in their physical health and enjoys showing them simple ways to break through their limitations. Showing people what they CAN do, when all they see is what they can't do changes their perspective of their injuries or pain. Being able to give someone knowledge & tools to take with them after the program is rewarding. 

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