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To minimize the veteran suicide rate, free veterans from the imprisonment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Fort Freedom
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The mission of Fort Freedom is to minimize the veteran suicide rate, free veterans from the imprisonment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and guide them to a newfound sense of purpose. Fort Freedom offers an individualized, 12-week life-restoring program, constructed by a veteran.

We offer a life-restoring program supported by holistic and wellness-based services. Our experts range from fitness instructors and nutrition coaches to trauma therapists. This program doesn’t hold your hand. It throws you a rope.

A U.S. Army veteran founded Fort Freedom in 2017 amid the highest levels of under-treated PTSD our military has ever seen.

The Executive Team

Jerry Haffey, Jr.

Founder and Chair

Glenn Sime, Jr.

Program Director

Zute Weick

Chief Operating Officer

Samantha Jackson


Chelsea Platas

Chief Development Officer

Marc Chiurato


Board of Directors

Dr. Sylvia Keller

Chief Medical Officer

Sophie Frabotta

Spiritual Coach, Mentor

and Guide

Dania Slim

Board of Directors

Cris Carter

Board of Directors

Jerry Haffey, Sr.

Board of Directors

Shereen M. Vahabzadeh

Board of Directors

William T. Mandia

Board of Directors

John C. Brandes

Honorary Board Member

Executive Team
Board of Directors

Jim Smith

Honorary Board Member

Jeff Miller

Honorary Board Member

Honorary Board Members


A Personal Note from Dr. Keller about Fort Freedom:

I work with adults that have endured significant trauma in all aspects of life.  Early childhood trauma, community violence, physical and sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, terrorism, combat and war trauma.  My interest in working with the Fort Freedom Initiative came about from having the privilege to work with veterans suffering from PTSD.  I was, and continue to be, in awe of their resilience in working through and overcoming the darkness and inexplicable hardships that they have endured.   By working with veterans and offering the opportunity to heal in the context of dignity, safety and compassion, they are able to overcome the complexities of trauma. I am indeed honored, humbled and grateful to do this work with Fort Freedom, which was created by individuals with self-less, heart-felt and soul-full intentions, of hard work, generosity and optimism.

“Through the transformative power of healing you are able

to live the quality of life you desire and deserve.”

Dr. Sylvia Keller

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