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John C. Brandes

Board of Directors

John graduated from NAPS in 1967 and graduated from USNA in 1971.  Upon graduation, he entered the Nuclear Power program and finally made it to his first ship, USS Sargo (SSN583) stationed in Hawaii around November 1972. He met his wife Kathy Welch in Hawaii and they were married in 1976. He served in various positions over the years and to most folks amazement stayed in the Navy. He served on several boats and shore duty stations that culminated in his Commander Command of USS William H. Bates (SSN 680). His final duty stations as a Captain included the OPNAV N87 staff, National Security Fellowship at the Kennedy School of Government, Commanding Officer of Submarine School in Groton, CT, Chief of Staff for the carrier battle group stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, and his final duty station was as Chief of Staff for COMSUBPAC in Pearl Harbor, HI.


He retired after 30 years of active duty in 2000, and moved to Jupiter, FL where he took a position with Lockheed Martin managing subsea robotic programs. His current project is a manned dry submersible for the SEALs that has diver lockout capability. He has yet to figure out the retirement thing, but he is certain that it is just around the corner.


Kathy and John have raised 3 boys (two of their own and their nephew). The two older boys are married and have two children each that Kathy and he spoil. Their youngest is a registered nurse and his wife is a CRNA. They currently live in Jacksonville, FL and work at the Mayo Hosipital.

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