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Announcing the Annual Fort Freedom Ambassador Competition

Every year, Fort Freedom embarks on a mission to identify 13 dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to step into the esteemed role of Fort Freedom Ambassadors. Echoing the history of our great country, we select 13 to symbolize the original colonies.

What does the Annual Ambassador 13 Competition entail?

  • Earn the prestigious title of Fort Freedom Ambassador. In recognition of your commitment, you'll receive a military challenge coin, a certificate of completion, and a heartfelt thank you letter from the Veteran you sponsor through our program.

  • Steer a team with a paramount duty of rallying a minimum of $25,000

  • To streamline your fundraising mission, we provide you with a personalized website link, marketing materials and a dedicated team to support your goal.

This annual competition starts  March 1, 2024. The top Ambassador who distinguishes themselves by securing the highest funds will be lauded at our grand event on November 11th, being crowned the Fort Freedom Ambassador of the Year.

Becoming a Fort Freedom Ambassador in our annual competition offers a unique opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of Veterans going through our transformative program. Rise to the challenge, lead from the front, and be the beacon of change. Join us in this annual endeavor to make a lasting difference!

To become an Ambassador and join the challenge, please contact Chelsea Platas at or call us directly at : (561) 208-1853

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