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Marc Chiurato

Chief Financial Officer

Marc Chiurato is the Chief Financial Officer of CHS Investments. Marc will lead CHS through all its onboarding of financial software, regulatory management, and audit preparation. He will also assist in the audit and management of deliverables to and from each developer.

Prior to joining the CHS team, Marc served as the CFO for Titan Healthcare, a national healthcare provider of substance abuse and mental health treatment. Marc was an instrumental part of the team at Titan as it completed multiple acquisitions over the last five years, totaling nearly$100M. Marc was able to lead Titan through multiple financial due diligence inquiries from prominent private equity firms and maximize transaction values.


Marc currently manages a portfolio of over $25M in commercial and residential real estate on behalf of the Titan healthcare partners.


Marc began his career in middle-market commercial banking, where he specialized in commercial real estate debt lending and underwriting. Marc’s extensive experience in real estate lending, asset management, and underwriting will provide CHS with robust financial controls and investment due diligence.

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